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Bit Heroes Mod Apk is a game that was published by BitHeroes. Bit Heroes Mod Apk has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and the rating of this RPG game is on Google Play Store is 4.0 out of 5 stars. Bit Heroes Apk is an action RPG with a mix of strategies where you can choose different heroes to fight in turn-based battle arenas against other players’ heroes or NPCs (nonplayer characters). Bit Heroes Mod Apk It offers two modes: story mode and arena mode. In story mode, you will have to complete quests given by NPC’s and find new heroes for your team; while in arena mode, you will compete against other players or AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Gameplay Bit Heroes Mod Apk

I love playing this game, and I always put it on my phone’s home screen. After you beat the level, try to play again because levels will be much more complicated than before! The menu also displays your health along with many other things. This is a rather popular game in the Play Store world as well as having some excellent content- friends when you see me playing so think about what would make someone want to keep going back for more; don’t just take a look at our gameplay but please do share if we have something worth looking at!

Storyline Bit Heroes Game

Bit Heroes Game offers an intriguing storyline that can keep you hooked the whole way through. You will need to complete quests given by NPC’s and Prove your skills with the mightiest heroes by crusting Bit Heroes Mod Apk battle arena! Bit Heroes Mod Gameplay Bit Heroes Game is an action RPG with a mix of strategies where you can choose different heroes.

World Chat Option

In World Chat, you can find answers to the questions you’re dying to know about. If there’s something on your mind that has nothing anything do with strategy and more about how people react in-game or what they say, hit up any of the pros for a quick answer!


Bit Heroes is an RPG game with a simple and easy control system. Once you get into the action, everything will be narrated to you as your guidepost so that there are no difficulties at any stage of the game. The first time when I started playing, every detail about how my character should act in this world was given to me; from gestures like waving or jumping around to more complex moves such as cooking food in campsites for temporary stat boosts. All actions were described clearly right on the screen! If ever something isn’t clear just use hints which can also be found under settings within Bit Hero Mod Apk

Features of Bit Heroes Apk:

Standard benefits: – Explore the world of dungeons with your friends. – Capture and evolve a wide variety of creatures. – Be the top global PvP player! – Find great treasure in ultra-difficult dungeons! – You can play with your friends. – Become the best guild in the world. Bit Heroes Apk


With the release of Bit Heroes, many people are looking for a way to cheat and hack this game. We have found that there is no such thing as an easy-mode version of this game or any hacks available on the internet. But we do provide you with information about how to play bit Heroes mod apk so it’s possible to get ahead in this exciting new online RPG! Read More Article: Tennis Clash Mod Apk

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