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As the saying goes, God has created all human beings in pairs. How can you find your other half from a population of 7 billion? Tinder Gold APK can help you narrow down your search based upon your interests and the things you want to see in your partner. Tinder Gold APK Tinder is the most popular dating app all over the world, with millions of users. It never fails to amaze the people with its continuously updating features and versions. The number of tinder app downloads is increasing day by day.

Why do most of the dating apps fail?

The dating app industry is gaining popularity and is showing potential with each passing day. In an era where social media is the core source of meeting new people, too many dating apps are launched every day, but soon, people lose interest in those apps. The reasons could be different, like lack of proper guidelines, poor engagement of people, elaborate processes to get started on the app, and especially the features that are really difficult to understand and use. The reason why tinder is standing strong since the day it was released in 2012 is its simplicity and the straight forward features which anyone can understand and use easily. The number of downloads is so overwhelming many cracked versions have also been released like tinder plus apk and tinder++.

How to get started on tinder gold apk?

Like any other social media app, you first need to make your profile, which will help you lure out and attract the users who have the same interests, age, or hobbies. This will help you to narrow down your search and increase the chances of meeting your soul mate. You can sign in to the tinder gold apk by using your Facebook or Google account or simply filling in your contact number to get your verification code. If you log in with your Facebook and Google account, then it will be easier for the Tinder Gold Apk to get your information, which will spare you from the efforts of filling in your information again. tinder gold free Try to fill in the authentic information as no one likes cheaters or liars. You can also make your own avatar and fill in extra information about yourself, so the people of the same nature can get to know you better and like your profile to get matched. The authenticity of your account will be checked with real-time selfies to match the photos you have provided to the app.

  • Swipe
  • Match
  • Chat

After making the profile, you can get started on the app and like the profiles of other people who match your taste by swiping to the right. You can also ignore the people by swiping towards the left. You will be matched with the people who also like your profile back in response. The matched people can then chat with one another in the chat rooms and get to know each other better.

What does tinder gold free offer?

There are numerous worth mentioning features offered by tinder gold free, which will press the dating app lovers to get the free tinder gold as soon as possible. You can get the amazing features of Tinder Platinum for free.

Attractive profile:

Fill in the authentic and up-to-date information about yourself, including your age, hometown, occupation, interests, and hobbies, which will help the people to know you more before they start chatting or dating. You can add a simple tagline that describes your personality in short. Making up an attractive profile will help the app filter the profiles based upon your age, gender, interests, and the type of people you are looking for.

Geolocation and passport:

This is the most amazing feature of Tinder Gold Apk. This feature will help the user to hunt down the profiles which are located near the present location. You can obviously turn off your location if you do not want to lose contact with the people of your favorite location while you are away from the place temporarily. If you want to meet the local person on your next vacation, then use this feature by adding a passport and meeting the persons anywhere you go.

Push notifications:

This is the one more exciting feature of tinder ++, which continuously updates the people about the users who are swiping your profile to the right and are engaging with them.

Unlimited likes with free tinder gold (boost):

It is one of the best features of Tinder platinum, which will help you to skip the queue and stand on top. You will get unlimited likes and can listen to music with MX Player which will make you the most eligible person for dating in your area. free tinder gold

Super like the person who caught your eye:

If you bumped into a profile that catches your eye the most and stands out in the crowd and does not want to like the profile, you could swipe up to super like that profile. It will maximize your chances of getting matched.


If you have accidentally swiped a person’s profile towards the left, you can use the rewind feature to give yourself and that person a second chance.

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