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Yandere School v1.3

October 21, 2021 Simulation
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Android 5.0 and up
Android Android 5.0 and up Simulation
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Description Yandere School

Yandere School FULL Mod Apk is a game that takes place in high school, where you must create the perfect romance with your crush. The simulation elements of this novel technology are driven by our favorite emotions: love and hate!

The idea for Yandereschool started when it seemed like everyone was telling me how I should live my life-you know all those rules from parents about what boys shouldn’t do or say during lunchtime? That kinda stuff right off the bat before we even get into any other topic at hand. but then there are also people who seem determined enough not to follow these same dos/don’ts because why?

Is Yandere School Mod Apk Safe?

Is it safe to install the application on our site because we have an antivirus platform that scans all apps for viruses and malware? Our engine filters applications according to specific parameters so you can be sure your download will go uninterrupted!

Features of yande re app

  • Slow but exciting gameplay: aside from destroying your competitor, you also have to conceal traces of the crime from witnesses and you’re beloved
  • A great love story: Developers based their game on anime-style 3D stealth action on the best examples of Japanese animation
  • A detailed simulation of school life: Become a member of the anime world, attend classes, sit at the last desk by the window or chase your opponents around! In the end, you’ll be rewarded with your senpai!
  • It is like a yandere and she feels like a typical Japanese schoolgirl and she is just like them!

StorylineYandere School:

Yandere games android is an anime that revolves around the main character, Akari Furutaka. A regular student at Yandere Academy who meets Makio Sono on campus and falls in love with her beautiful personality without saying much courage about it!

One day a new girl comes into town looking for trouble- but not wanting anything more than just flirting or stealing away someones else’s boyfriends girlfriend (as if there was any other type) And so their instinct takes over; Akarri decides to fight tooth n nail against all odds because he knows what it’s like when someone loves you unconditionally.


The graphics in this game are highly enriched with the addition of new components such as light effects, backgrounds, and more. The animations of Yandere School Mod Apk are specially created to add more excitement to the screen! You’ll be able to create your very own character who has realistic blood stains or shadows that change based upon time of day…not just any old person though.

Yandere School user also love to play Tennis Clash

It’s possible for YOU could become one of these ghastly individuals by playing through all recent updates too which includes an entire story campaign where players take control over their fate – will they survive until dawn?


The game is based on a series of novels that have been printed by a Japanese publication writing company called Kodansha. The books are written by Atsushi Hamasaki and go by the Yandere Manga collection name, or more commonly known as just “The Chairman” for short. This mangas’ main purpose in life seems to be telling other people’s stories through their perspective which can oftentimes make them seem less attractive than reality but there are still some really compelling moments throughout all four volumes so far!

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