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It is a game where you must take care of your survivors and train them to fight the virus. Assign duties, make sure they’re well-trained in their task at hand–it’s time for an action-packed Zero City Mod Apk adventure! The zombies are coming outnumbering faster than humans can defend themselves from this terrible threat, so be prepared with refuge management as one key element that will keep everyone safe until help arrives or some other means come up against these bloodthirsty monsters.

Zero City Mod Apk Features

Multiplayer, PVP. The apocalypse has finally come, and you’re one of the few that managed to survive. Now it’s time for payback as you take on other survivors in arena tournaments or raids against enemy shelters. The others might be running things now, but they’ll never know what hit them when we bring down our invincible squad onto their streets! Choice of equipment. Your squad will be well-armed and well-dressed when we provide you with adequate weapons and equipment by using zero city cheats! Dwellers Developing. There is something for everyone, even in these dark times! Your employees need to learn new skills, upgrade, and put their newly acquired skills to the test! Construction Management. Make your shelter impregnable by upgrading the rooms. The site is already staffed with workers. Don’t wait any longer to get started! Build a variety of defensive structures to prepare your shelter for defense. Decide as to what defense combination will be most successful! Story-driven campaign. Play the role of a squad leader and survive with all the weapons at your disposal! It will be hard to keep your fighters safe amid hordes of mutants and zombies.

Storyline Zero City Mod Apk

The zombies are coming! You awake in a dark, dirty room with scientists around you. The man on the left wearing an eye patch said he needs your help for something called “Project Zomboid.” Follow these instructions or else- YOU WON’T BE ALIVE FOR LONG!!! He clears his throat before continuing. “This is Dr. Monroe,” says one of them as another rudely brushes past us without even saying hello.” All three men wear identical lab coats, which makes me think they’re part of some experiment gone wrong, but what am I supposed to do? If someone starts biting my arm right now, then at least I’ll know how it feels when William gets eaten by those damn creatures outside!” Zero City users also love to play Zombiewood Mod Apk (Unlimited money, Free Resources) + OBB Data

Beautiful Graphics

Zero City is a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter where you get to see the world from an entirely new perspective. The graphics are beautiful and create immersive gameplay. Still, it’s not just about that – players will also experience desolate landscapes in this game as they battle zombies attempting to escape outside of your base! When exploring various parts of Zero City Mod Apk, 3D modeling details can be seen. Artists studied each object carefully to ensure that they would attract those who enjoy dystopian settings with their creations. Today, video games tend to contain them (and even books). However, despite being 3d modeled well before the release date came out, there were still some issues regarding antialiasing which hopefully won’t hinder player immersion too much during gameplay.


Zero City is a game that takes place in the aftermath of an apocalypse. You are left with your family and must do whatever it takes to survive, including killing zombies! With over 120 hours’ worth of gameplay spread across 34 missions, this RPG survival horror will keep you on the edge of your seat for days at a time. If you’ve never played zombie games before or want something more immersive than what mobile devices have had to offer so far, download this game now. Explore more interesting games: Terragenesis Mod Apk (Free Shopping) Latest Full Version Download

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